Supply Lists

Below you will find two supply lists for Lakeside Middle School.  These items are recommended or optional for students to have for a successful start to the year.  These items will also be available to share if needed.  There may be additional items recommended by teachers for specific classes on their course syllabus.

Recommended Items Optional Items
1 - 1 ½ “ three-ring binder with dividers Zippered supply/pencil pouch or a pencil box

Lined white paper – college rule

Crayola fine-tipped markers (12 colors)

Pencils with erasers

5 highlighters – yellow, blue, green, orange and pink

Blue, black and red ballpoint pens

2 x 1 ½”  Multiple colored Post-It notes


Mini stapler with staples
1 package of graph paper – 1/4"  Calculator - Four functions for Math 7, Enhanced Math 7/8; Scientific calculator for Math 8, Enhanced Math 1
2 single subject spiral notebooks–college rule 3 X 3” Post-It notes
Glue sticks Colored soft folders for homework, etc.

Colored Pencils

Pencil sharpener with case to catch shavings