Library & Media Center

Rules of the Library

The library is a quiet place to read, study, think, and write. Please be considerate of others when using the library. If you are behaving inappropriately, you will be asked to leave.

  • No food or water allowed. No water bottles allowed.
  • Do not re-arrange the chairs or tables. One student per chair. Push in chairs after use.
  • No card or other games allowed, unless "Game Day" is announced by library staff.


  • Students must have a valid Lakeside School ID card to check out devices. No exceptions.
  • 40 Chromebooks for use in LMC only.
  • 8 Desktop Computers for printing only.
  • Devices will not be checked out five minutes before the bell rings.
  • Return devices early to avoid being late to class.
  • 8 Desktop Computers for printing only.

Checking out Books

  • Must have a current Lakeside ID Card to check out books.
  • You can check out up to 4 books for two weeks.
  • Due date are stamped inside every book. Return books on time.
  • You can renew books as many times, unless there is a hold for that book.
  • We will not check out books if you do not have an ID Card or an overdue item.

Supplies and Textbooks

  • Textbooks are for library use only. Return textbooks in numeric order.
  • Student supplies of rulers, markers, glue, pens, pencils, etc...are for library use only and must be returned after use.

Technology Responsible Use Agreement

Parents and students must sign off each year on the Technology Responsible Use Policy before computers or devices may be used at school. This signed policy will allow students to use the Internet, Google Apps for Education and Office 365 at school. School computers and resources are to be used for school assignments and research, including printing. All sites accessed must be appropriate for school. Ethical use of information and copyright law should be followed by students.

Library Catalog

  • Use Destiny Discover to view our library books. Log in with your IUSD login – no at the end of your username.
  • View Lakeside Library Media Center’s Book Blog.

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