E-Bike Registration

Lakeside students are only allowed to ride e-bikes to school if the e-bike is registered through the school.  Students may park and lock their registered e-bike in an approved bike rack area, electric scooters and skateboards are illegal in California for anyone 15.5 or younger and are not allowed at Lakeside.  All e-bikes parked on campus must have a school registration sticker.  E-bikes parked without a registration sticker or in an unauthorized location on campus will be issued the following:

1st Offense: Warning       2nd Offense: Detention        3rd Offense: e-bike held by office

Students who meet the following requirements will be eligible for a registration sticker:

●   Attendance at an e-bike Safety Meeting at a high school campus prior to issuance of a registration sticker.

  Parent/Guardian attendance at an e-bike Safety Meeting prior to issuance of a registration sticker.

●   Meets the e-bike Operation Expectations outlined below. 

E-Vehicle Operation Expectations:

        Students will walk their e-bike, respectfully and safely at all times on campus.

        Students will park and lock their e-bike in an authorized bike rack location ONLY.

        Registration stickers must be visibly displayed on the frame of the e-bike.

        Students will wear a helmet at all times while operating their e-bike.

        Students will follow safety guidelines detailed in the e-bike Safety Meeting.

 (Registration stickers are non transferable from person to person)

Consequences for not meeting expectations:

        Students not meeting expectations may receive detention.

      Students with excessive violations of e-bike expectations may lose their parking privilege.

      Students with excessive violations may result in suspension of registration sticker.

      Lakeside Administration reserves the right to revoke any permit if any of the above expectations or other expectations in the Lakeside Code of Conduct are not met. 

To qualify for a registration sticker, you will provide evidence of the following to the Lakeside Campus Control Assistant.

      Copy of a form signed by student and parent/guardian – submit in person (pick up and drop off in the Front Office

      Verification of Attendance date and location of IPD e-bike Safety Presentation 

Safety Presentation Dates

  • August 22, 6:00pm at Portola High School

  • August 29, 6:00pm at Northwood High School

  • September 5, 6:00pm at Irvine High School

  • September 12, 6:00pm at Woodbridge High School

  • September 14, 6:00pm at University High School