School Site Council

School Site Council Meetings are generally held from 3:15 - 4:15.  

See the Calendar for specific dates.

what is the purpose of school site council?

A School Site Council is a decision-making group of parents and school staff (in secondary schools, also students) that has as its major responsibility the development, implementation, and evaluation of the School Plan for Improvement and budget.

do all schools in iusd have school site council?

The purpose of the School Site Council is to encourage improvements in the school to meet the educational, personal, and career needs of all the students at the school through a collaborative decision-making process.

what is the purpose of a school site council?

All schools who receive School Improvement Program (SIP) funds are required to have School Site Councils. The by-laws of each council govern its activities.

what is the membership of a school site council and how are members selected?

  1. One-half of the Council members are school staff; the majority of this group must be classroom teachers.
  2. One-half of the Council members are parents, community members and, in secondary schools, students.
  3. In order to meet legal requirements, at least 10 members must be on the School Site Council at the elementary level, and 12 at the secondary level.
  4. Each group selects its own members:
    • Classroom teachers select teachers.
    • Other school staff selects other school staff.
    • Parents select parents and community members.
    • Students select students.

what does a school site council do?

  1. The Council meets 4-5 times per year and conducts business meetings; records of agendas, minutes, and rosters of attendance are left at the site for public review when requested.
  2. The Council plans and develops the written School Plan for Improvement, implements the plan, and monitors the activities and budget.
  3. The Council evaluates the effectiveness and quality of the School Improvement Program each year.

what is the responsibility of a school site council member?

Members should:

  1. Attend all meetings. An alternative should be contacted if a member is unable to attend a meeting.
  2. Become knowledgeable of the school, its students, and programs.
  3. Attend training for School Site Council members.
  4. Understand and follow state regulations, District policies, and Council by-laws.
  5. Value site based decision-making and parent-staff interaction.

what information about the school should school site council members have?

The following information should be made available to School Site Council members:

  1. By-laws of the School Site Council.
  2. List of programs in which the school participates.
  3. The school’s most recent Self-study and Program Quality Review.
  4. Calendar of School Site Council meetings for current year, planning days, and staff development activities for the current year.
  5. List of Council members and officers and their length of terms on the Council.
  6. List of employees paid with SIP and other categorical funds.