Mindful Mondays

mindful monday

Mindful Mondays is a weekly series led by IUSD administrators, teachers and staff to help students cultivate the attitudes, skills and knowledge to become resilient and resourceful learners, who are able to adapt and demonstrate perseverance and optimism as they face academic and personal challenges.  Mindful Mondays are also designed to foster awareness among students and families about available mental health, wellness and academic resources and supports in place and how to access them. Weekly topics include mental health and wellness, growth mindset, managing stress, school and home life balance, social wellness and connectedness, healthy habits and much more. 

In addition to this webpage, Mindful Mondays can be viewed on IUSD's InstagramFacebookTwitter and YouTube sites.  For more resources, visit our Prevention and Intervention webpage at iusd.org/Prevention and/or our School Counseling webpage at iusd.org/Counseling.