Science Olympaid Team 2022-2023

science olympiad team

Congratulations to our Science Olympiad Team for the 2022-2023 school year! Our students studied, took an entrance exam (either in person or online), built bridges to test, and designed a musical device, all during summer break! We are so happy to have them aboard and are looking forward to a great season!! 

Abhi S.
Amogh S.
Ananya A.
Benita B.
Brandon D.
Chelsea A.
Elliott P. 
Enerel B.
Haran G.
Harel S.
Himesh P.
Hojin S.
Iman R.
Kaiden V.
Katie N.
Olivia R.
Mai T.
Misha D.
Munkhod P.
Prajith V.
Rohan R.
Serena A.
Takaji M.
Tori P.
Vidhi R.